Wolf Creek Sanctuary News

Wolf Creek Sanctuary News

Yoo Hoo!

The wheel keeps turning… you feel that yearning… a longing for the land…

So you’d like to visit. 

The land community would like to thank everyone for their patience during these shifting times. Now that we’ve all started to settle into this pandemic reality, the land is once again receiving limited visitors for varying lengths of stay, from short pass throughs to extended stays. But like all things these days, it will be a little different than before. 

These times call many things into awareness, shining a light onto our interconnectedness and the intricacy of relationships. As part of the preparation for your visit, you’re invited to consider how the land holds us, how community holds us, and how we hold those things in turn. Now is a time to practice consent in all types of interactions. Let’s work towards building the skills we need for a better future. 

As usual, visitors are asked to get in contact with land community to discuss their arrival one week in advance, all parties should contact the land directly. *** You can email them at caretakers@nomenus.org or give them a call at (541)866-2678. Phone messages are sometimes missed, so if you don’t get a response the first time around, try back. Note that there is currently limited internet on the land, but folks do check the email regularly. Be patient with replies. Advanced notice is seriously appreciated, to ensure all facilities are prepped during these times that require higher levels of sanitation. 

Please note we are only accepting 10 total Visitors at a Time. With limited facilities open, and with the cooler months rolling in we want to make sure everyone is able to have space for a peaceful and healthy stay. Visiting in groups/quarantine pods would allow for more flexibility in numbers. We may try and group visitors together for this reason. So let the land know about your stay As Soon As Possible! Kindly note the published online: Visitor Policy