About Nomenus

“We are the survivors and the lovers and the lineage of those men who gathered to seek radical faggot liberation in the desert of Arizona in 1979…We are here in response to their call. Their intentions are alive in us. Our fabulous diversity is the flowering of spells they cast.”
Nomenus Seeds of Unity

Founded in 1987, Nomenus is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) religious organization (“church”) whose mission is to create, preserve and manage places of spiritual and cultural sanctuary for Radical Faeries and their friends to gather in harmony with nature for renewal, growth, and shared learning.

Nomenus serves a regional and national community by stewarding Wolf Creek Sanctuary in Southern Oregon as a sacred space dedicated to queer liberation and spiritual growth, honoring its founding intention as a sanctuary for Radical Faerie culture and gay male spirituality.

The work of Nomenus is sustained through the volunteer service and generosity of Sanctuary stewards, visitors, and a diverse regional community of active and supporting members.

Nomenus sponsors annual spiritual gatherings at Beltane and Samhain, as well as the Spiritual Gathering of Radical Faeries and the Pendulum Gathering. Wolf Creek also hosts allied events such as Sex Magick, and the Naraya.

Nomenus has provided fiscal sponsorship for projects and organizations such as Faerie Camp Destiny, Zuni Mountain Sanctuary, San Francisco’s Faerie Freedom Village, Black Leather Wings, Native Womenshare,  and Sex Magick.

Nomenus is working towards the vision of a national network of self-governing, fiscally independent chapters, setting their own membership policies and united under a minimal common umbrella. We seek to share the privilege conferred by our legal status as an IRS-sanctioned church with other Radical Faerie circles, and to use it to fertilize, activate, and connect our communities around the country.

Why join Nomenus?*

  1. Because you love Wolf Creek Sanctuary, and the magical things that happen there, and this crazy beautiful community, and Radical Faerie culture in general.
  2. Because you’re just so fucking grateful.
  3. Because you want radical faggots and queers across the country and in future generations to have sanctuary spaces for liberation, healing, and magic.
  4. Because you feel a call to serve this community.
  5. Because you like to plerk (play+work+werk) with other fabulous beings like yourself.
  6. Because you appreciate meetings and events that are heart-centered, effective and fun.
  7. Because you resonate with the Seeds of Unity and the Interaction Agreements.
  8. Because Nomenus needs the unique gifts and perspective that only you can bring.

*Your reasons may vary.