How Nomenus Works

Nomenus is an all-volunteer organization with an operating budget of around $45K, sustained by over a hundred members up and down the West Coast, with concentrations in the Bay Area, Southern Oregon, and Portland.

We work together to accomplish the Work of the Sanctuary. This work takes place through organic self-organization into circles and committees. Participating in these circles is the primary way to get involved with our work.

We make decisions by consensus. Any member or friend may attend meetings and participate in discussion. We ask active members to learn about consensus before bringing proposals or participating in the test for consensus.

Our officers, elected annually, are President, Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary. In alignment with our egalitarian values, these are positions of greater service and responsibility, not greater status or power-over. For descriptions of these roles, see Article V of the Bylaws.