Frequently Questioned Answers

Who can join?

Any Radical Faerie or friend who supports Nomenus’ mission, values, and agreements and makes a donation of any amount can be a supporting member of Nomenus. In addition, active members make a self-defined service commitment and agree to learn about and practice consensus decision making.

What’s been going on with Nomenus?

In Summer 2011, the latest in a long series of painful organizational and interpersonal conflicts left Nomenus with no caretakers at the Sanctuary, a dwindling and divided membership, and a relationship of alienation with many of its elders, former members, and surrounding community.

Motivated by an urgent sense of the need to heal and evolve as a community, members and friends began working together to revitalize the organization and culture of Nomenus. Since then, we have been reconnecting with the founding intentions, rebuilding a strong collective container, re-visioning our future together, and reweaving a culture based on service, appreciation, accountability, and trust.

In September 2012, after a process of dialogue and discernment lasting more than a year, membership in Nomenus, formerly available only to gay men, was broadened by a consensus of original members to include Radical Faeries and friends of all genders.

Throughout this period of accelerated growth and transformation, the commitment to the mission of Nomenus has remained unbroken—and to the intention of a sanctuary for faggot-oriented and radical queer spirituality, now supported by an expanded circle of allies.

“We intend to learn from this painful history to treat each other better from now on. In present and future interactions between individuals and communities that make up the Church, we invoke the spirit of the spell of the Great Three-Way: ecstatic engagement, with mutual warmth, enjoyment, and respect.” — Seeds of Unity

Why did the membership process change?

It used to be that anyone who filled out a membership form instantly became a member of the Board of Directors, with full power to make or block decisions. Over the years, this resulted in recurrent patterns of conflict and frustration due to lack of alignment around values, vision, and interaction, and lack of shared understanding about how consensus decision making works.

Recent changes to the membership policy, as called for in the Great Three-Way, have these aims in mind:

  • Help align and educate new members
  • Support movement toward greater involvement and commitment
  • Minimize bureaucracy and administrative overhead
  • Incorporate Faerie traditions of egalitarianism, inclusion, and self-initiation

How do I find a mentor?

Ask an active member if they are willing to mentor you in consensus and plugging in. Any active member who is willing may serve as a mentor. If you don’t know someone to ask, email and ask for a volunteer mentor.

What if I’m already a member?

You will receive email when it’s time to renew your membership. Active memberships last for about two years, rounded up to expire at the next Summer or Winter Solstice (June or December 21). Supporting memberships last for about five years (using the same rounding process).

What if I’m a former member?

If you joined or last renewed more than a year ago, use the process above to renew your membership. We especially welcome former members to re-engage with Nomenus—we value and need your experience, perspective, and wisdom.

What’s the difference between active and supporting members?

Nomenus appreciates and relies on contributions from supporting members, who may not be in a position to make a commitment of service but who support the work of the church via donations and good wishes.

Supporting members receive the monthly Nomenews newsletter, with news and gathering announcements, as well as the RadDish (currently inactive).

Supporting members may join circles/committees and participate in meeting discussions but not make proposals or participate in the test for consensus. You need to be an active member to serve as an officer, steward, or mentor, or to start a circle/committee.

What if I can’t afford to donate right now?

In the spirit of GAYAABAGS (Give As You Are Able But Always Give Something), we encourage you to support Nomenus with your donation in any amount, no matter how small or large. Recurring monthly donations of $5 or more are especially welcome, as are donations of needed equipment and supplies—see the Wish List and check with the stewards.

In the spirit of NOTAFLOF (No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds), membership does not depend on your ability to donate. However, we invite you to consider your donation as participation in a communal abundance spell. If a dollar is all you have, then kiss it with sparkly lipstick and stick it in an envelope!

May our generosity return to us three times three times three—and may all our needs be met, with plenty to share.