About the Sanctuary

“We hold these spaces in a spirit of sacred service, hospitality, and radical inclusion, requesting of all who enter that they do so with respect and reciprocity. We affirm the need to set clear and compassionate boundaries as an essential aspect of holding sacred space.”
Nomenus Seeds of Unity

Wolf Creek Sanctuary is located in a valley in the mountains of southern Oregon. Hillsides forested with Douglas fir, madrone, big leaf maple, and white oak surround a lovely rolling meadow and the flowing waters of Wolf Creek

In addition to the communal buildings of Garden House and the Barn, the Land has special needs cabins, flower and vegetable gardens, and many altars and holy sites where we commune with the gods and the spirits of the Land and the Dead.

Through our gatherings, circles, and communing at the Sanctuary, we develop and foster shared ideals having to do with queer spirituality, community, living in harmony with the Beings around us, and subject-subject consciousness.

Sanctuary US-story

For nearly three decades, Wolf Creek Radical Faerie Sanctuary has been held by the church of Nomenus as sacred space for radical queer consciousness.

Originally conceived as a space for gay males to explore subject-SUBJECT consciousness together, the Sanctuary and the groups that gather here have grown over the years into a vigorous confluence of diverse queer identities—rooted in faggot culture and held together by undeniable affinities of spirit and heart.

In the early 80s a group of Radical Faeries on the West Coast started talking about establishing a Radical Faerie Sanctuary where they could hold gatherings instead of holding them in public forests or on private land. In 1984, they founded Nomenus as a tax-exempt non-profit religious corporation.

Following a Radical Faerie gathering in 1986 at the Magdalene Farm, a Maoist Sissy commune since the mid-70’s, the Farm was offered for sale to Nomenus, and Nomenus purchased the Farm in 1987.

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