About the Radical Faeries

Radical Faeries are a national and global network of faggots, farmers, workers, artists, drag queens, leatherfolk, political activists, witches, magicians, rural and urban dwellers who see people of gay, queer, and trans identities as a distinct people with a distinct culture, way of becoming, and spirituality.

We believe that all people have unique and necessary contributions that must be made to help regain the lost balance of the larger human community. Being radically (at the root) decentralist and anti-authoritarian, we recognize that each Faerie is divine and speaks for themselves.

We join together with each other in mutual aid and love for play, work, self-discovery, and nurturing. To be a Faerie is an act of self-definition. Without dogma, Faeries share and celebrate common visions, including a belief in the sacredness of nature and the Earth; honoring the interconnectedness of spirit, sex, politics, and culture; and understanding that each has their own path(s) that lead to the Garden of Being.

By uniting with each other in circles, gatherings and sanctuaries, Radical Faeries increase the joy of weeding and tending these shared gardens through a commitment to the process of group consensus and an understanding of collective interconnectedness and interdependency.

In our explorations we…

  • make ritual
  • create community
  • go to gatherings
  • do drag
  • have heart circles
  • talk & listen
  • make love
  • have sex
  • practice consensus
  • dance naked
  • honor our dead
  • cry, sing, laugh, argue
  • share visions
  • search for meaning
  • overthrow oppressions
  • care for the sick
  • defend the earth
  • sew
  • cook together
  • make art
  • tend gardens
  • make bonfires
  • watch the stars
  • commit heresies
  • cover each other with mud
  • exchange frocks and makeup tips
  • attempt anarchy
  • help each other
  • play