Visitor & COVID Update March 20, 2021

Visitor & COVID Update March 20, 2021

Happy Equinox!

Spring is here, and the world feels restless to many of us.

Nomenus members both on and off the Land continue to keep tabs on public safety guidelines around COVID, vaccination rates, and such. We are focused on continuing to prioritize self and community care – as always. This includes having heart-centered discussions around the deeper issues relating to developing occurrence of Vaccinated vs non-vaccinated social barriers – a topic that triggers many in our community, with echos of HIV and sero-sorting.

Our current visitor policy is that any and all visits must be consented to in advance by the Community on The Land (CoTL). DO NOT show up without prior affirmed consent. Please contact the CoTL at least a week before your desired arrival to discuss arrangements and get confirmation on available space. This includes camping, as we are limiting the overall number of faes on the Land to best support healthy distancing. All visitors are to follow distancing and isolation protocols as set out by the CoTL.

We have strong hopes that transmission rates will continue to decline, and that we will soon be able to relax our restrictions and welcome more of you to visit.

The Community on The Land thanks you for continuing to practice radical self care around COVID.