Process for Living Documents

Process for Living Documents

Nomenus Living Documents

Last consensed version (Great Circle Fall 2012)


This document is intended to create a process for evolving living documents such as the __Seeds of Unity__ and __Interaction Agreements__, with the following aims in mind:

  • Maintain and evolve these living documents, changing them as needed to reflect new understandings of our group consciousness
  • Provide support for egalitarian inspiration, collaboration, transparency, and accountability
  • Offer a mechanism for change control, and forums for discussion and resolution of divergent views


  1. For preliminary draft documents, use a Google Doc.
    —Collect feedback via inserted comments, or by letting collaborators edit the document directly.
  2. Once the document has been consensed, the initial author moves it to the Nomenus Wiki.
    —Include a revision history and a link to the last consensed version. See this document for example.
  3. Nomenus members may make changes to the document in accordance with their sense of the group conscience.
    —The Wiki pages shows the latest edits. Wiki revision control means that all changes are tracked and can be reverted if necessary.
    —To view changes since the last consensed version, click the Revisions (clock) button at the top right. Find the last consensed revision and click Compare.
    —New or renewing members are added as Wiki editors by the Communications Circle.
  4. Interested members may choose to receive email notification when a page is changed.
    —To be notified of changes to a document, click the … (ellipsis) button at the top right.
    —Click the Notify link, then select the document, choose whether to be notified about document changes and/or discussion posts, and click Update.
  5. Discussion of changes may take place via email on the Communications Circle or on each document’s Discussion page.
    —To access the Discussion page, click the Discussion (talk balloon) button at the top right.
  6. Divergent views or serious conflicts may be brought to a meeting of the Communications Circle and resolved through dialogue and consensus.
  7. At the first Great Circle of each new calendar year, changes to the Seeds of Unity and Interaction Agreements are reviewed and re-consensed to.
  8. The Communications Circle will bring other living documents back to CoCo or Great Circle for re-consensus as needed when there have been substantive changes.

Revision History

First draft (Google document), Stella Maris, September 15, 2012.
Consensed by Great Circle, Fall 2012.
Wiki page created by Stella Maris, January 12, 2013.
Last edited by StellaMarisPDX on Apr 13, 2013 1:36 pm.