Samhain Gathering Oct 27 – Nov 3

Samhain Gathering Oct 27 – Nov 3

Dearest Faemily,
It is time once again, on the Wheel and in our hearts, to return Home. Home is where we can seek refuge from the cold, Home is where we can wear our shame and vulnerability on our sleeves and be witnessed, loved, seen, supported, cared for, and hugged to your heart’s content if you choose to receive it. We are called Home to play, to express the fierce fiery Diva who spends most of the time hidden in the Muggle World. Home is where we can bring all our thoughts and ideas to the table, to share our dreams and aspirations of the future of Wolf Creek. To come to the table to share what part we can play and how we can best contribute to community.

+++Buzzing, thriving, sexy, grounded, clowning, radical Faemily.+++

Work Week: October 21 – 26th!
Samhain Gathering: October 27 – November 3

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Fire danger has passed. Variable smoke. Pendulum: 3 days, on Zoom.
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