The Great Three-Way

The Great Three-Way

Whereas working in the current structure of the organization has included heartbreak, pain and frustration; and

Whereas the greater fellowship of Nomenus and Wolf Creek consists of several separate and yet interdependent communities of consensus; and

Whereas the time has come to accelerate and intensify our transformation; therefore:

(1) We agree that Nomenus shall restructure as a growing set of self-governing, legally/fiscally independent circles setting their own membership policies and united under a minimal common umbrella; and

(2) We support, bless and consent to the development of a healthy, sustainable, self-governing intentional community at Wolf Creek as one of those circles, with the intention of holding sanctuary within a regional community of support, provided that current gatherings continue to take place for as long as their organizers wish, that time be set aside each year for faggot space, and that the circle operates legally and sustainably to the best of its ability; and

(3) We agree that membership in the umbrella organization shall be open to Radical Faeries and their friends regardless of sex or gender, with sensible membership tiers and a spokes-council model intended to preserve and honor the diverse bright threads of our traditions.

It shall fall to this Great Circle to specify an appropriate process for drafting, reviewing, and adopting the new bylaws this transformation will require.

Consensed to by Great Circle, March 18, 2012