Joining a Meeting

It’s easy to call in to any Nomenus meeting. (Participation in person is always better, but we are spread out across the West Coast…)

You can use Zoom (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone), which gives the best sound quality and allows video (see who you’re talking to!), but an ordinary phone call also works.

  • Phone 415 762-9988, or
  • Download the Zoom app at  (Click “Join a meeting” in the top white bar; no need to sign in.)
  • Either way, it asks for our meeting id: 541 866 2678, then when prompted, 2678
    All done!
  • Please set/change your screen name to your Radical Faerie name
  • If you’re running Zoom, the chat window is often a convenient way to raise your hand or ask questions of the facilitator.

We keep minutes in Google Docs, which means you can watch them being typed during the meeting. If you don’t have a link to the minutes, email ahead of time or ask in the meeting.

Ernestine the telephone operator, played by Lilly Tomlin
“Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?