This year’s Beltane gathering is April 27 – May 4 (Saturday to Saturday).

Please read the Call and register, so we know how much food to prepare!

Celebrating the rich history of Beltaine, the Church of Nomenus calls to elevate the stories of our respected Radical Faerie elders, as we Root to Bloom. Radical Faerie culture is what we share in common, and the purpose for our gathering and our prayers. We seek to listen and learn from the rich history and experience of our Radical Faerie elders, as we lay down our call-outs. Dedicated to the temple that is this land and church, we celebrate the rites of fertility and abundance. Our rich spiritual tradition is possible through ancestor connection, the circles upon circles of heart circles, and through a commitment to SUBJECT – SUBJECT consciousness. This is the container we create to be weird and queer to celebrate our unique fertility rites. We call all of our Rad Fae Family, ye varied and many creatures bound by a shared and sacred Past to a shared and sacred Future, inviting us together in the Queer Present to Remember who we were, are and becoming. We reach back to remember where we came from and who we so that we may to move forward from the heart; we root to bloom.

As we call back to the roots of our tradition, we release the misguided idea that this is a psychedelic free-for-all in the woods. Please protect our rituals and bring your friends who want to respectfully participate and take responsibility for orienting them to this temple in a good way. Send random ravers elsewhere. Registration to participate in this Radical Faerie Beltaine is a MUST.

Speaking of roots and blooms, our focalized reach-around is the garden. We are calling garden faeries to work week to get the garden set up in a way that faeries can plug in throughout the week. Yes to Radical Faerie food sovereignty! We are only a few hundred dollars short of having raised enough money for a new, high-quality greenhouse skin.
Come home to sing, to dance, to “take your fill of love” in that place where processing ends and ritual begins.

During this year’s gathering we seek to have vibrant, diverse offerings for disseminating information, skills, and technologies to uplift and strengthen our Radical Faerie Family. Bring us whatever YOUR amazing mind can think of! If YOU feel called to make it happen, please feel empowered to focalize it! Bring. Your. Best. Drag. Material, Spiritual, Sexual, Emotional. Our past demands it, our future depends on it. Here’s some of what you can look forward to: (see the rest of the Call here)