Old Wish Lists

Old Wish Lists

We are looking for volunteer energy in the following areas:

  • Fundraising
  • Upgrading our donor database
  • Organizing gatherings (Beltane, Samhain, SGRF)

Wolf Creek Sanctuary needs the following:

  • Sturdy carts
  • Wheelbarrows

This wishlist has been replaced by a Google DocWishlist (incomplete, but a start)

  • Forks (and maybe some teaspoons, but we’re fine for soup spoons and knives. It’s best to avoid plastic handles, as the junction traps dirt.)
  • Nesting soup bowls, especially if they’re not too heavy. (Our are all different sizes, hard to stack.)
  • Dish tubs and hotel pans (all sizes) are always helpful.
  • New or used restaurant equipment: can you help us shop cheaply for the big items, or buy the small stuff? (For big purchases we’ll need a cost estimate and then to get approval.)
    High-temp small-restaurant dishwasher, food trap (screened drawer), grease trap.
    Pedal-operated handwashing faucet.
    Cooking, serving utensils. Small floor-standing (or large counter-top) Hobart mixer.
  • Computers: Energy-efficient, resistant to viruses, easy to admin, tolerate 100° summer heat.
    Garden House: Web browser for visitors. Resistant to viruses, Trojan horses, other malware.
    Office: Mac or Windows system. Needs to tolerate cold winters (20°).

Volunteer Opportunities are now on their own page
This is not an official or consensus document, just one person (or a few) made up this draft.

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