Duties of the Secretary

Duties of the Secretary

Job Description: Secretary

Wick asked me to write up the responsibilities and typical tasks of the Nomenus Secretary; this is a first pass.

The main and essential parts of my job involve Great Circle minutes, other minutes, and interfacing with the outside world. Other jobs, which may get covered more or less depending on the individual, are compiling decisions and other information, organizing files and archives, …

Great Circle

Minutes-taking itself is a rotating job, which the Secretary makes sure is happening. Now that we use Google Docs for live minutes, it’s not necessary to assemble separate Word files. I create the Doc, cross-linked with the other GC files, and grant edit rights as needed. After the meeting, pour in any numbers and reports that were submitted separately, and give it a quick check-over. Create a decisions list. Distribute them.

Minutes in General


Government, Banks, and Other Official Stuff


Projects and Responsibilities


Other info

Past holders of the office