Proposal: CRC (Conflict Resolution Committee)

Proposal: CRC (Conflict Resolution Committee)

Conflict Resolution Committee

Summary: To improve the Conflict Transformation process as stated in the conflict resolution flow.

Issue: This proposal offers increases options regarding conflict exploration, and also a resource for assisting with conflict resolution.

Information: This proposal includes the creation of a committee that will both set up informal procedures for helping to resolve conflict and provide training in conflict resolution within the organization, to increase the resources and training to deal with all types of conflict.

Proposal: In affirming this proposal, we confirm that working together in Nomenus means a willingness to engage in clear communication and take responsibility for resolving conflict.

To this end, small committee (two-six people) composed of those who have the training, education, or experiences that provide skills in conflict resolution would be formed. This Conflict Resolution Committee’s (CRC) task will be to meet to review the skills available, to set up processes for dealing with conflict, and to educate Nomenus about conflict and the ways to deal responsibly with it. The processes that are developed would be presented to Great Circle for its approval.

The CRC will serve as a community resource, and will maintain complete confidentiality regarding all aspects of their work, with the exception of issues that affect the organization. This committee may identify conflicts that have implications beyond the conflict at hand, that is, conflicts that have organizational impact. Should a conflict be so identified, the CRC will notify Nomenus, and may assist in working with Nomenus under the auspices of the Nomenus Conflict Resolution Flow.

The CRC will be available to any Nomenus member for advice and guidance. The CRC may agree to mediate disputes between individuals that are not otherwise resolved by the parties involved. Mediation is never binding, and is only done at the request of the parties in conflict.

Pros: We utilize the expertise and experiences of those in Nomenus to resolve and transform conflict. We avoid the need of hiring outside resources except in intractable situations. We seek to address conflict outside of formal processes.

Cons: Certain types of conflict may need resources outside of Nomenus.

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