Nomenus Wolf Creek Sanctuary

How It All Began
In the early 80's a group of Radical Faeries on the West Coast started talking about establishing a Radical Faery Sanctuary where they could hold gatherings instead of holding them in public forests or on private land. In 1984, they founded Nomenus, a tax-exempt non-profit religious corporation. Its purpose is to create, preserve and manage places of spiritual and cultural sanctuary, for Radical Faeries and their friends to gather in harmony with nature, for renewal, growth and shared learning. Following a Radical Faery gathering in 1986 at the Magdalene Farm in Wolf Creek, Oregon, a Maoist Sissy commune since the mid-70's, the Farm was offered for sale to Nomenus, and Nomenus purchased the Farm in 1987.

The Sanctuary
Originally envisioned simply as a place to host Radical Faery gatherings, Nomenus's eighty-acre sanctuary in Wolf Creek has since evolved into the home of a small intentional community of Stewards and long-term visitors, as well as a site for shorter personal retreats and workshops. It has become a place where we explore the nature of queer men's spirituality and community on an on-going basis in our communal and private circles, our discussions and our collective labor to nurture and beautify the Sanctuary.

The Land is located in a valley in the mountains of southern Oregon. Hillsides forested with douglas fir, madrone, big leaf maple and white oak surround a lovely rolling meadow and the flowing waters of Wolf Creek. In addition to the communal buildings of Garden House and the Barn, there are several cabins to house the Stewards scattered about the Land. There are also flower and vegetable gardens to nurture and play in and altars and holy sites where we commune with the gods and the spirits of the Land and the Dead.

Our Vision
Through our gatherings, circles and in the community at the Sanctuary, we develop and foster our shared ideals having to do with faggot-oriented spirituality, community and collectivity, living in harmony with the Beings around us, and subject-subject consciousness. For a better description of our vision and spirituality, check out About the Faeries.

Gatherings and Workshops
Nomenus currently sponsors three gatherings each year, a Spiritual Gathering for Radical Faeries in July/August, the Beltane Gathering the week around May 1, and the Samhain Gathering the week around October 31. The summer Spiritual Gathering is a men's gathering, for male-identified faeries to come together in heart circles and workshops, in the preparing and sharing of meals, performances and rituals, to explore our faery spirituality. The Beltane and Samhain Gatherings are mixed-gender gatherings, for Radical Faeries and friends to celebrate the pagan festivals of Beltane (May Day) and Samhain (Halloween). These holy days mark the transition points between the summer and the winter seasons, when the veils between this world and the world of the spirits are thinnest. The Sanctuary also hosts other workhops and gatherings sponsored by the Radical Faeries and other kindred groups. See our events listing for details.

Coming and Going
There are numerous ways to visit the Sanctuary. Greyhound stops in Grants Pass, or you can fly into the Medford airport, where we'll be happy to pick you up (with advance notice so please call first--a Steward may ask for a donation for this service to help cover costs). Plus, we're located 5 miles off of I-5, so driving is also pretty easy. For further info, see our Visitor's Guide.

Getting involved
 We also have a Wish List of useful and/or decorative items you might contribute to our community.  You can also donate from the home page with Paypal.

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