A Queer Permaculture Gathering

- Workshop Leaders & Gathering Volunteers Wanteed! -

Get involved with a queer co-creative hands-on permaculture adventure
Contribute your energy and knowledge to a unique permaculture experience! Whether you are an expert on cob, love to cook in the kitchen or just delight in really getting down and dirty we could use your skills and energy.

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EcoHomo: The Call to Sustainability

Kicking off a year of sustainable renewal at the wolf creek sanctuary, EcoHOmo: a Queer permaculture gathering, opens the gathering season a bit earlier than usual with 8 days of work-share skill party action. Following faerie tradition, this gathering will be co-created by all participants acting as equals, both teacher and student simultaneously. We will focus on understanding the land, ecology, and our own hearts through the assorted philosophies of permaculture.
So what do we mean by permaculture? Loosely defined as the meeting point of permanent culture and agriculture, permaculture offers pathways towards sustainable living and cultural preservation based on observation, mimicry of natural systems and intelligent ecological design to optimize. Its principles are applicable to every aspect of life and encourage responsible thought prior to any action.
This gathering is early for wolf creek to play hostess. Seasonal realness means we timed the gathering to take advantage of the very weather that we also label unpleasant. This gathering will be cold and rainy, sometimes, probably. Camping could be annoying. Plan accordingly! Cuddling, cocoa, and kaikai all strongly encouraged. We will do our best to facilitate warm and dry slumber parties but water proof boots, warm clothes, and xtra socks will greatly enhance your experience.
Due to the uncertainty of the weather and the ambitiousness of our to-do list, we won’t schedulize our selves until we are on the land together, but you can expect a hands-on exploration of each of the permaculture zones. We plan to work on basic principles and concepts of permaculture in discussion groups, as well as applying this learning to plowing and tilling our new fields, the water infrastructure including greywater and rainwater harvesting, humanure, composting, fermentation, pruning, the existing garden, wildcrafting, eco forestry, baking, and planting. The gathering asks 100-350 dollar sliding scale donation to help set the gathering in motion (food, propane, supplies, etc) and greatly appreciates pre registration and pre payment. As always no one will be turned away for lack of funds, however our sanctuary runs of the generosity of its family and winter is a lean time, so please contribute as you are able.

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