Welcome Homo!

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“We are the survivors and the lovers and the lineage of those faggots who gathered to seek radical liberation in the desert of Arizona in 1979… We are here in response to their call. Their intentions are alive in us. Our fabulous diversity is the flowering of spells they cast.”Nomenus Seeds of Unity

Founded in 1987, Nomenus is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) religious organization (“church”). Our mission is to create, preserve and manage places of spiritual and cultural sanctuary for Radical Faeries and their friends to gather in harmony with nature for renewal, growth, and shared learning.

Nomenus serves a regional and national community by stewarding Wolf Creek Sanctuary in Southern Oregon as a sacred space dedicated to queer liberation and spiritual growth, and to its founding intention as a sanctuary for Radical Faerie culture and faggot spirituality.

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Welcome Homo!